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11 Demedicis Blvd

11 Demedicis Blvd
Warrenville, SC 29851


  • Sales Price: For Lease, Price: $6.50 per sqft
  • Condition: Not Yet Assessed
  • Expansion Square Feet: Not Expandable
  • Site Size: 4.6
  • Surrounding Landuse: North: Residential
    South: Undeveloped Land
    East: Residential
    West: Residential
  • Tenancy: SingleTenant
  • Total Square Feet: 12,000
  • Typical Column Spacing: Column-Free
  • Wall Material: Metal
  • Year Built: 2011
  • Slab Thickness: 6"
  • Dimensions: Non-Traditional
  • Is Site Expandable: Yes
  • Site Expandable Acreage: 4

Industrial Space Information

  • Air Conditioned Area: None
  • Auto Spaces: 40
  • Available Sq Ft: 12,000
  • Clear Height Range: 18'0 - 20'0''
  • Fire Protection: None
  • Heated Area: Office Only
  • Lighting Type: Fluorescent
  • Number of Drive In Doors: 1
  • Suite Number: 11 Demedicis


  • Nearest Commercial Airport: Augusta Regional (20 miles)
  • Nearest Interstate: I-20 (14 miles)
  • Nearest Sea Port: Savannah (129 miles)
  • Nearest International Airport: Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport (148 miles)
  • Nearest Inland Port: Inland Port Greer (126 miles)
  • Nearest Intermodal Access: CSX Charleston (123 miles)
  • Access Road: Pine Log and Demedicis (2 lanes)

Available Sites & Buildings

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