Yard Dog Operator

Department:        Operations; The position is from 5pm to 5am and the person will work at least 5 days per week.

Wage Plan/Exemption:         Non-Exempt; The pay ranges between $18.00 to $20.00 per hour with a shift premium of $1.00.


This position is responsible for entry level, non-skilled general labor while maintaining a safe work environment and adhering to company policies and procedures. This role is tasked with safely moving trailers from one location to another. Being safety conscientious is paramount to the success of this role. This includes ensuring tires are chalked, inspections are thorough, and dock safety rules are followed.


Essential Duties / Responsibilities
  1. Complete a pre/post operational checklist for each shift
  2. Move trailer into docks or specific location
  3. Refuel tractors
  4. Submit specified trailers for repairs as needed
  5. Ensure all safety rules and regulations are followed
  6. Inspect trucks/trailers
  7. Prepare accurate reports
  8. Other duties as assigned


Education / Experience


Working Conditions:


Core Values:

It may be an understatement to say that we work every day to uphold our company’s core values.  Because being a servant leader, committed to relationships, pioneering, results driven and tenacious are not just ideals we work towards. We live them.  We breathe them.  These values are the true essence of how we work and are in every product, service, and opportunity we offer.

  1. Servant Leader to All – Humbly listening to and serving our employees, customer, and suppliers
  2. Committed to Relationships – Caring about the long-term well-being of our employees, customers, and suppliers
  3. Pioneering – Using our industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to connect our stakeholders to innovative solutions
  4. Results-Driven – Having an intense desire to go beyond what is expected
  5. Tenacious – Persevering in all that we do

Available Sites & Buildings

If you’re thinking about bringing your business to South Carolina’s Aiken, Edgefield, and Saluda region, we’re ready to accommodate you with a broad variety of existing facilities and ready-to-build sites.


The highly skilled workforce in the Aiken, Saluda, McCormick, and Edgefield region is ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economy because of the emphasis on education.