General Labor 2nd Processing

Job  Description:

Amick Farms, LLC is accepting applications for general labor 2nd processing. These positions are available for the departments below, with a brief description of each department’s tasks.

The 2nd Processing Departments:

1) Chiller Rehang

2) Cone lines

3) Cut-up/Cut Wings

4) Drum Debone

5) Thigh Debone

6) Scale Operator

7) CVP Machine Operator

8) Ice or C02 Layer

9) Stack Off

10) Box Liner

11) Tray Pack

All of the above tasks require constant focus to perform tasks in a way that promotes food safety and quality.

Skills and Knowledge:
Core Competencies:
Job Specific Competencies:

At Amick Farms, we are aware that it takes good team members to make great products like ours. We believe in our people, are committed to making our workplace productive and safe, and provide quality, cost-effective benefits programs to our team members and their families. Our benefits programs include:

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