Who We Are

The Economic Development Partnership is a non-profit public-private economic development corporation focused solely on serving the needs of new and existing industries in the Aiken, Edgefield, McCormick, and Saluda Counties of South Carolina.

We have an experienced team here to help with locating and landing new facilities, navigating government incentives, as well as the community insight and resources to help management teams relocate with their facilities. If you’ve decided to bring your company to our area, we’ll be there working with you through the entire process, helping you access the information and resources you need.

Once industries have located, Economic Development Partnership is ready and available for consulting and project management on a variety of business challenges, such as: expansion and retention, workforce attraction and development, community relations, and navigating resources and programs available to enhance opportunities for success.

Professionals Ready to Serve Your Business

Whether you’re looking for information about sites for a new facility, housing for your management team, specific government incentives, or anything of interest to your company, our qualified, experienced team is here to help you.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Gary L. Stooksbury

E. Leland Reynolds
Vice-Chairman – Aiken

Richard M. Pendarvis
Vice-Chairman – Edgefield

Ernest L. Duncan

Dr. Robert E. Alexander

Brett D. Brannon
Board Member

Mary H. Derrick
Board Member

Billy H. Holley, Jr.
Board Member

Stuart A. MacVean
Board Member

William M. McGhee, Jr.
Board Member

Rex L. Nordeen
Board Member

Clayton C. Quattlebaum
Board Member

W. Greg Ryberg
Board Member

B. Tillman Sauls
Board Member

Eric P. Thompson
Board Member

D. Scott Tindal
Board Member

Mike J. Uhle
Board Member

Sharon E. Wall
Board Member

George A. Woodsby
Board Member

Our Investors

The Economic Development Partnership of Aiken, Edgefield, Saluda, and McCormick Counties has a key role in creating a prosperous business environment in our region and contributing to the economic success of our state. Building partnerships between the public and private sector – close collaboration between corporate, public and government organizations – has been essential to the economic gains in our region.

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Member Counties

The Aiken, Edgefield, McCormick, and Saluda counties of South Carolina provide businesses with ample opportunities to grow. With historic charm, an expanding labor force, and inexpensive land, more businesses are looking to move into these areas.

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Local Companies

The region is filled with companies who have taken advantage of inexpensive land, an abundance of resources, and a large opportunity for growth. From manufacturing companies to food processing plants, the diversity of businesses makes it easy to accommodate any company looking to move here.

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