Population of 1,266,500 within a one-hour drive.
Over 4400 college graduates each year.
65% of students who received a silver workkeys or above score.

We're Proven

Bridgestone Americas announced 850 jobs and invested $1.2 billion dollars here. The company expanded its existing tire plant and built a new, off-road radial tire manufacturing facility.

Business-Ready Locations

From existing building to ready-to-build sites, we can help you find exactly what you need.

McCormick County Industrial/Technology Park

McCormick, SC 29835

Total Acreage: Total Acreage: 48.19

Hamilton Branch Ind. Site

McCormick, SC 29838

Total Acreage: Total Acreage: 50.16
Excellent Infrastructure

Our region's location in western South Carolina puts your business at the heart of a very fluid transportation grid, no matter which modes are important for you.